Meet the Prosper Community.

Think of Prosper like a joyfulness co-op:  One roof, many offerings.  All of the individuals and organizations in our space have been carefully curated for the joy they take in their vocations and their expertise in their fields.  Prioritize your joyfulness and schedule an appointment with them today!  Their websites are linked below.


Royal Road Clinic

At Royal Road Clinic, we empower clients to discover joyfulness
and well-being using acupuncture, psychotherapy and other related healing modalities. While the path will be different for each individual, we believe
that an integrative approach involving mind, body and community is the best
way to promote one's own natural capacity for self-healing.

HEcho en Hermosa

Within our space, we provide expert tailoring services and alterations, as well as project consultation. Due to our commitment to social justice, we also facilitate community building workshops featuring topics such as diversity & inclusion, identity development, multi-cultural competencies, self-care, effective communication, & more.

Tenebris Lux

We are a community-oriented healing center available for local healers, teachers, and organizers to utilize for classes, workshops, ceremonies, artful performances, and gatherings. Our focus is on connection, healing, transformation, joy, love, learning, sharing, and creative expression! We offer integrative therapeutic sessions from seasoned wellness practitioners including core shamanic work, herbalism, cartomancy, massage, reiki, meditation, ritual creation, archetypal magickal theater, yoga, breath work, sound therapy, and wellness coaching.


Kyrié Carpenter's passion for story has lead her to a career in film, studies in Depth Psychology, and ultimately to her work with aging. She shares her observations and learnings through writing for the Huffington Post and Changing Aging.  She is currently fighting agism and 'dementiaism' by traveling the country as a non-fiction theater performer in Dr. Bill Thomas' Age of Disruption Tour.  At Prosper, she helps people follow their joy through Integral Life Coaching with a focus on helping people discover their vocation. She is available for workshops, speaking, writing and coaching. 

Good Land Counseling

Good Land Counseling is a safe and compassionate space to to chart new maps for your life, determine directions, and tell the problem stories that dominate while uncovering stories that empower you to make change and learn more about yourself and the world. I will help you ask big questions, cultivate presence and self-compassion, and write life stories that are rich in reflection, awareness, and emotion. We will struggle to move through anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse, relationship conflict, and life transitions, all of which can be disorienting and distressing. Good Land Counseling is rooted in humanistic, narrative, and experiential therapies that promote personal growth, make you the center of the therapeutic experience, and value authenticity. 


Saint RosenKreuz Abbey

To learn about the Mysteries of Saint Rosenkreuz Abbey as they relate to the future genetic, spiritual and psychological evolutionary developments of our species, send a message to - initiation in the Mysteries of Saint Rosenkreuz Abbey costs one book report on Robert Anton Wilson's Historical Illuminatus Chronicles volumes one and two, 'The Earth will Shake' and 'The Widow's Son'. Please ask about our daily Gnostic services we host by appointment for both individuals and groups.

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